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Welcome back to the 12 Days to Inspire Cybersecurity Culture!

DAY 11: Assessments are great, but remediation is key! 

Remediation is a structured plan to identify and reduce security threats. It’s designed to help you detect issues before they become a problem and resolve issues that have already done damage.


 A remediation roadmap will:

  • Help you understand and monitor your organization’s attack surface
  • Track and scale your organization’s progress and clearly identify what steps to take next, such as processes to establish, security products to implement, etc.
  • Give you the steps to take to be within compliance which is your baseline for your security maturity
  • If followed, prove your cybersecurity is maturing and therefore justify your security budget!


Overall, a remediation roadmap is a strategic guide to giving you a clear, data-driven understanding of your threat landscape and risks. It will help you communicate your security maturity to executives and plan your security directives for the upcoming year.

Stay tuned for Day 12: Finding a Reliable Security Partner!