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Welcome back to the 12 Days to Inspire Cybersecurity Culture!

DAY 12: Finding a reliable cybersecurity partner makes your job easier!

As we have gone through our 12 days, we have just touched the surface of all that is expected of cybersecurity programs.


Our 12 days present to you is the gift of time! We understand security teams are understaffed and have limited resources. Let iSECURE help your team.


iSECURE offers several services that can help you:

  • We offer security assessments based on your needs and budget such as:
    • Vulnerability assessments
    • Penetration testing
    • Industry-specific compliance assessments…And more!
  • Our vCISO services can help you augment your security staff and help you achieve the security maturity you are seeking.
  • iSECURE works with you to find the best fit for the security products you need such as endpoint security, email security, MDM, SIEM, firewalls, and more.
  • We offer policy and procedure assistance: either writing new ones or updating what you already have.
  • iSECURE offers CyberRanges and other training and education opportunities. The best way to stay connected is to follow our LinkedIn and sign up for our newsletter. Both resources publish important topics in cybersecurity as well as any events or latest training opportunities iSECURE has.

We hope you have found these 12 Days to Inspire Cybersecurity helpful & educational!

Happy Holidays from all of us at iSECURE!