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Welcome back to the 12 Days to Inspire Cybersecurity Culture!

DAY 4: Email phishing has become the #1 cybersecurity concern among businesses.


According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Compliance (IC3) report, phishing attacks more than doubled from 2019 to 2020! (The 2021 findings have yet to be published.)

What steps can be taken to decrease the chances of opening a compromised email?

  • STEP ONE: Implement user awareness program; every user should always be vigilant. Pause and evaluate each email received. Risk of opening a fraudulent email can be drastically decreased when you are aware of the email you have received, as well as the effects phishing emails have on your organization. (Stay tuned for day 5; We will take a deep dive into security awareness.)
  • STEP TWO: Implement a secure email gateway. Email gateways scan and process all incoming and outgoing email. Gateways sandbox malicious messages; making sure threats are not allowed to reach your inbox.
  • STEP THREE: Protect the emails you send by deploying an automated email encryption solution. Email encryption analyzes all outbound emails and determine whether the contents are sensitive. This will prevent attackers from viewing any intercepted emails.

    If it is a suspicious email, do not respond to it. Notify your IT team of potentially malicious emails. Proper steps should then be taken to prevent the domain or IP from emailing your organization again


Stay tuned for Day 5: Security Awareness