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Welcome back to the 12 Days to Inspire Cybersecurity Culture!

DAY 5: Security awareness is vital to your organization!


iSECURE's mission is to inspire a cybersecurity culture through education and collaboration. When creating our mission statement, security awareness was our priority; we feel it is the most vital to an organization's cybersecurity culture.

Your staff is the last line of defense against a cyberattack. Your cybersecurity team cannot be the only ones looking for threats, because threats come from any angle and are directed to anyone.

Security culture starts with the CEO of the company and trickles down to the person greeting customers at the front door.


According to ProofPoint's State of the Phish 2021 report, 74% of US organizations experienced a successful phishing attack last year: 30% higher than the global average and a 14% year-over-year increase. 

A security culture is accomplished through regular security awareness trainings for your staff. This helps employees know what to look for! Especially when an unsuspecting email comes through, or when a 'colleague' asks you to share your password. Security awareness will bring knowledge to the other common pitfalls employees make regarding cybersecurity.



iSECURE offers several security awareness solutions and will evaluate your business needs, and make recommendations based on those needs and your budget.

Phishing campaigns can be custom created; these will help you identify which employees should be at the top of the training list!


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Stay tuned for Day 6: Encryption