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Welcome back to the 12 Days to Inspire Cybersecurity Culture!

DAY 9: Endpoint Detection & Response 

Endpoints are key weaknesses hackers use to execute code and exploit vulnerabilities, as well as encrypt assets. It is often thought EDR and antivirus are one-in-the-same when they, in fact, are not.


What’s the difference between antivirus and EDR?

  • Antivirus stops modern threats such as adware and trojans, as well as viruses that infect a PC as they happen.
  • EDR leverages information and data at the endpoint – a computer, a mobile device, a tablet, etc. – and uses that data against future infection(s), while it can also remove or contain a threat while notifying your IT team.


Why do you need it?

The IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021 reported the average cost of a ransomware breach was $4.62 million.

EDR will protect your system and stop threats at the endpoint because it proactively monitors behaviors and can contain threats.  Effectively, stopping a breach of your network and potential ransomware situations.


Stay tuned for Day 10: Security Assessments


Are you curious about EDR and what it can do for your company?