Joe Milliken - Regional Sales Manager


Being a huge college hoops fan, March Madness is unquestionably my favorite time of year.


To tip the season off this year, iSECURE had a roadshow of events, and our marketing gurus (Donna Smith and Marc Johnson) did an amazing job with these! A lot of events in the security industry can be rather stale – random hotel meeting room, ordinary sandwich platter typically from Panera Bread (don’t get me wrong I love a good turkey bacon bravo every once-in-a-while), and then death by PowerPoint.


That’s why our Cybersecurity at the Brewery events stand out: hand-selected, local brewery’s, the region’s finest BBQ, and presentations that engage and invite questions and conversation. The best part of our events our all the ‘true story’ security experiences that attendees share during the events.


From these recent event, there are 3 key things I learned:

1. We are so focused on preventing outside adversaries from infiltrating and extracting data in security, sometimes the insider threats can be overlooked. It can be intentional (e.g., disgruntled employees) or unintentional (e.g., loss of devices, accidental disclosure of data, improper disposal of records etc.).

Varonis, which is a popular but strong security tool that gives you extreme control of your unstructured data, had some great examples. Naturally everyone has read about Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, but I wasn’t as familiar with Greg Chung. Over the span of 30 years, Greg stole over 250,000 sensitive documents worth $2 billion dollars from his employer Boeing and sold them to China – YIKES!


2. HIPAA compliance is still uncharted waters for a lot of companies out there. Did you know that the Office of Civil Rights is actually the organization responsible for enforcing HIPAA? 2016 was a busy year for them: Not only are they starting to include smaller breaches as part of their investigations, but they imposed over $23 million worth of fines last year, compared to only approximately $6 million in 2015. With the increase in ransomware and other sophisticated threats, now might be the time to explore a Risk Assessment from iSECURE.


3. Beer has never been more popular. I really enjoyed experiencing the different venues and tasting all the delicious beers. While I’m more of a simple Lager type guy, I’m impressed with all the flavors these local brewery’s like Hog River (Hartford, CT) and Captain Lawrence (Westchester, NY) are hitting. I had Coffee Beer, Peanut Butter Beer, and sampled some fresh sours, but my favorite-all-around was Rare Form Brewing Company’s selection in Troy NY. With great venue and great beer – Earth to Troy was my official ‘go to.’


Beer and BBQ is a great combination. Sprinkle in a little InfoSec, and you’re in for an outstanding but informative security event!