Recently, various Educational Institutions have implemented and mandated that faculty, staff and students continue their semesters utilizing an online platform due to the dangers associated with COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The team at iSECURE understands the severity of this issue and the difficulties now placed on IT Departments to effectively and efficiently centralize the management of user endpoints. This includes protecting against malware and insider threats, plus, ensuring that apps are promptly patched.

Our long-standing relationship with IBM has afforded us the opportunity to understand, even in times of crisis, how organizations can continue to protect and securely manage users, endpoints, and sensitive data. IBM’s MaaS360 solution will help direct, and specifically focus on, the management of remote users when it comes to endpoint protection.

MaaS360 integrates with Watson and acts as a “Trusted Advisor” for organizations, which is a major differentiator and benefit. This partnership allows for the capability to securely manage apps, devices, and identity. Additionally, MaaS360 can support older Windows devices, such as Windows 7 and 8, which are still widely used and prevalent on campuses across the country.

With Coronavirus taking center stage and decisions being made to protect all individuals from contracting and spreading the virus, our goal is simple: To make sure there is a convenient option to ensure productivity does not faulter and networks remain secure. We believe MaaS360 is a solution that can help do that. Maas360 once again provides the ease of using and managing device applications, IoT gateways to the cloud or platform, and embedding the operating systems used on the endpoints.
Expediency is key in ensuring that teams can maintain functionality during this time, and the iSECURE team is able to quickly help address concerns and partner on solutions.

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