Donna Smith – Director of Marketing

Monday night, 22 innocent people, including children, were victim to a suicide bomber in Manchester. Social media posts quickly turned from the ongoing #wannacry articles, to people showing their condolences to the families of the victims. One post, from a well-known “hacker”-friend of mine caught my eye:

Didn’t take it [the Manchester topic] to the stage, did do my “thing” behind the scenes…hope it helped.

I don’t know exactly what “thing” he was referring to, but I do know he tried utilizing his highly-sophisticated hacking skills and extreme dark web knowledge, to put his Cyber Security Superpowers to good, meaningful use.

If you didn’t notice before, I have a great fondness and deep admiration for hackers… the good kind ( ). They hold a unique skill-set that is highly valuable in today’s world of IoT. They can see into information-ridden realms that most of us cannot.  And they can expose a lot of things meant to be kept hidden…

In lieu of these recent attacks, I’m calling all the Cyber vigilantes up to bat. I’m asking that you take a moment to use your gifts for something more meaningful than to expose vulnerabilities in your organization, but to uncover potential attacks to innocent victims in humanity.

My prayers go out to the friends & families who lost loved ones in #Manchester.