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Dain Monaghan, Sales Team Lead at Darktrace, is a graduate of Duke University and is a sales team lead at Darktrace. "I think my favorite thing about Darktrace is how easily the AI adapts as your environment changes. We never have to tune the system or configure it specifically to your environment. Darktrace just has to make sure the AI is seeing all the data you are interested in protecting and it will make sense of the ‘new normal’ all on its own. This was a really cool thing to see during the pandemic as environments drastically changed with the shift to remote work."

Thursday, April 28, 2022

94% of cyber-threats originate via email, and legacy defenses at the border continue to fall short. Yet whenever Antigena Email and legacy defenses are deployed in the same environment, Antigena consistently neutralizes external threats and data loss that evade email defenses at the border.

Antigena Email uses a self-learning approach to stop every type of email threat, without relying on preexisting lists or reputation checks. The technology autonomously interrogates every email in the context of its evolving understanding of ‘normal’ for the recipient, group, and organization as a whole.

In this webinar you will learn how to:
- ​Stop an attack from a trusted sender that's been compromised.
- Stop an attack from a trusted insider that's been compromised.
- Objectively look at every connection, email, and action taken by a user.


*Must have a valid work email to attend.