Cybersecurity has proven to be a very demanding and difficult challenge for organizations to stay current and educationally up to date on. These challenges range anywhere from securely managing a growing remote workforce and their mobile devices, to targeted phishing attacks. Threats such as these, coupled with the growing concern and hysteria over the recent Coronavirus outbreak, have left organizations looking for ways to properly navigate through protecting their environments.

We have already seen the likes of Facebook, Google and Twitter implement a “work from home” policy to help contain and mitigate the panic Coronavirus has caused. However, even though policies such as these may be in place, it does not mean cyber criminals stop their efforts to penetrate networks and expose vulnerabilities within the environment itself. Furthermore, Wired Magazine published a report citing a specific phishing scam focused on tempting users to “click here” for ways to protect themselves from the spread of Coronavirus. With human vulnerability at an all-time high, the question remains – how can organizations properly guide and enable their teams to be proactive in protecting their data during these difficult times?

As previously stated, educating and enabling all employees and workers to constantly monitor what they are clicking on and to be cognizant of “unusual” activity when it comes to emails, is a proven best practice. While it is important to address preparedness through policy review and regular checkups on your network, we understand that resources may be limited. In addition to ransomware, third party risk is another daily struggle organizations face. Therefore, the need for an effective disaster recovery, business impact analysis, along with the ability to securely manage remote workers and scale your network properly becomes critical.

Attempting to tackle these challenges alone can be a daunting and in efficient task.  Partnering with an organization with the experience and myopic focus on how to continuingly work in a secure and efficient manner and who can understand your unique challenges is key.  The team at iSECURE is able to provide the expertise needed in these situations–Whether it is a solution or technology to help securely manage your network, or a tool that can ensure visibility into your remote workforce, the team at iSECURE is here to help.