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iSECURE believes knowledge is key to overcoming our Information Security challenges. Our goal is to host informative events to support and educate the local InfoSec community and foster an environment for networking and knowledge-sharing between peers who face similar difficulties.

Check out some of our upcoming events:


Happiness: A Driver for High Performance in Cybersecurity

April 28th, 3pm EST

2020 was a year no one saw coming, filled with rapid changes we were not ready for. At iSECURE, we understand the cybersecurity world has been tested like never before. In a typical year cybersecurity is a fast-paced, constantly evolving world. Factor in a global pandemic, those of you working in cybersecurity has your head spinning. Many of us are distracted, multi-tasking, and just tired. This can lead to poor decision-making, low productivity, trouble focusing, and high stress.

We wanted to bring in someone to help, so we reached out to Dr. Uma Gupta, a Professor of Business who integrates the latest research in neuroscience to help individuals and organizations use happiness as a lever to increase productivity, achieve a work/life balance, and become top performers. Through individual and group exercises, participants will leave with practical ideas on how to change habits that get in the way of happiness and productivity and develop a personal strategic plan for true success.

We are very excited to have Dr. Uma Gupta back for another presentation, if you were able to hear her at our Westchester event in 2019, you know you are in for a real treat! Please reserve your seat for this special event!

*iSECURE reserves the right to cancel. A valid work email is required and you must live in the U.S. to attend. Please no competitors or resellers.






iSECURE Presents: The Dark Web Demystified

May 12th, 3pm EST

Aside from a subject of intrigue, misunderstanding, and a valuable source of intelligence, what is the dark web?

Join iSECURE with our Special Guest, Charity Wright, a former NSA analyst and current Expert Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at Recorded Future as she pulls back the curtain.

In this tour of the dark web, we'll bust myths associated with the criminal underground and demonstrate how you can collect and analyze pertinent intelligence to stop threat actors at the earliest stages of attack.

*iSECURE reserves the right to cancel. A valid work email is required and you must live in the U.S. to attend. Please no competitors or resellers.






MAY EVENTS continued...

iSECURE Presents: Zero Trust Series Part 1. Why Zero Trust Matters-Panel Discussion
May 20th, 3pm EST

Join iSECURE for Part 1 of our 3 Part Zero Trust Series!

First let's start out with the basics and discuss the What and Why of Zero Trust led by Brett Scott. This will be followed by a panel with an open question forum with our Zero Trust experts from TechData, IBM and iSECURE. Bring your questions!

This event will lead into part 2 in June which will be "Translating Zero Trust Strategies into Solutions".

Followed by our final part, taking place during our Summer Cybersecurity Conference in July which will be a Zero Trust Cyber Range! This will be the first one of its kind, created just for you. This will be an incident response exercise through the eyes of Zero Trust.

Register for Part 1 below. This event is for cybersecurity professionals with a valid work email address, living in the U.S. Please no competitors or resellers. Thank you.


Stay tuned for more information on our Zero Trust Series!


Save the dates! The week of July 19th will be our Summer Cybersecurity Conference and Part 3 of our Zero Trust Series.  More information to follow soon!

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