My name is Michael Schade and I am currently a 3rd, almost 4th year, Computing Security student at Rochester Institute of Technology. Being from Long Island, distance did not stop me from following my passion of technology and going to a school that would give the me opportunities of a lifetime. The experiences that I’ve had at RIT have been incredible and I am anxiously awaiting what is to come.

I was lucky enough to land an internship position working at iSECURE this summer and after my first week here, I can say I have already learned a great deal.

My “computer story” starts way back when I was younger than I can remember. My father was a programmer for a few companies on Long Island back when I was little. There were days that I would go with him to work and sit on the floor, playing with whatever toy was lucky enough to fit in my backpack. At that point I didn’t really understand too much, but it immediately got me introduced to a world that I would eventually be immersed in.

In our old, one-story house, back when I was young, my father’s “workstation” was in the basement on a long L-shaped desk. He had built my sister and I both our own computers, even though I was clueless when it came to computers and my sister was two years younger than I was. Once I was taught how to use my computer, my dad installed all these educational games which became my only true source of video games at that age. Anything I had wanted to do with my computer, I had to ask my dad to do. This went on for multiple years, until we moved to our new house when I was in sixth grade.

This move was just down the street a little, but it changed my life in multiple different ways.

This house was two stories tall, giving me a whole new idea of privacy. I was also able to convince my dad to let me keep my computer up in my room.

Yes, it got dangerous.

Anything that I ended up breaking, and it was a lot, I had to figure out a way to fix it and make it go away before my dad came up and figured out that I had done stuff that I wasn’t allowed to do. Now that I write it out, I feel kind of bad that I “disobeyed” what he had told me not to do, but in this case, it helped me find something that I would become extremely passionate about, as well as nothing was really at risk with what I was doing.

I blame my dad for where I am today, and even then, it’s not really blame. I love what I am doing at RIT and I really couldn’t imagine doing anything different. The opportunities that I have been able to experience have been incredible and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!