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Speaker: Chip Crane, IBM Principal Security Technical Specialist Manager

When: Wednesday, March 27, 2022

Where: Virtually

Are you struggling with how to practically implement Zero Trust and budget for it? 

Please join us Thursday, April 27th for a Zero Trust Webinar as iSECURE welcomes back Chip Crane, IBM Principal Security Technical Specialist Manager, to discuss a practical approach to Zero Trust. 

In this webinar, you will walk away with unique ways to:
  • Practically Implement Zero Trust
  • Discuss Zero Trust with your Board of Directors & Executives
  • Budget for Zero Trust


Session 1: 10:00 a.m. 

Session 2: 2:00 p.m.


The COVID-19 pandemic proves that companies and organizations can pivot to address the needs of the organization to access the network from anywhere. These dramatic changes increase the risk to the network if security is not a priority. 

Last week, we explained the value of user access control and two-factor authentication. This week, we wanted to highlight remote work and endpoints.

Endpoint & Device Management: Do you have employees who work remotely, hybrid or in the office?

  • Why it matters: Anytime a device, whether company supplied or is bring-your-own (BYO), accesses your network, they are validated every single time with the Zero Trust model. Adopting a Zero Trust architecture creates a strong foundation to safeguard the network and defend against cyber attacks.



Read about Week 1: User Access Control and Two-Factor Authentication

Stay tuned for week three as we highlight on third-party risk within Zero Trust!