Donna Smith – Director of Marketing

Sorry to say, if you missed out on attending our 2017 WNY Cyber Security Conference & Westchester NY Cyber Security Conference last month, you missed a lot! We had some of our BEST speakers yet, discussing some of today’s (and tomorrow’s) hottest security topics including IoT, grinding, train hacking, the stupidity of humans, and even took a live field trip on the dark web!

The setting and menu at each location tantalized our senses, but the biggest treat this year was the exclusive giveaway we gave to all our attendees. Each previous year, iSECURE designs a witty shirt to give attendees to commemorate their experience. However, this year we wanted to step it up a notch!

So we thought, what does every cyber security professional need to enhance their hacking skillset? We started surfing the web for hacker must-haves, and were immediately flooded one common theme: the dark room, a faceless individual hunched over their laptop, zero’s and one’s flying out of the monitor…and of course, what is every single hacker wearing in every picture???

A HOODIE! But why? Is it really the only wardrobe of choice for all hackers? Do they wear the same hoodie every day or have an assortment of various hoodies to match their shoes for each day??

It boggled our minds until we had a hoodie revelation:  Hoodies MUST BE the primary key to improving our hacking skills! It’s not the education or training that helps us in stopping all the bad guys… it’s ALL ABOUT THE HOODIE! It’s like Superman’s cape, Thor’s Hammer, or Wonder Woman’s Lasso… they’re nothing without them. Hence, a hacker is powerless without his/her hoodie…

So, we wanted to make sure all our attendees were fully equipped to successfully their jobs when leaving our conferences, and gave them each their your own “OFFICIAL HACKER HOODIE”. And to assure our attendees that it was legitimate and not just a layman’s hoodie, we wrote it right on the back! 🙂

Ironically, our keynote speaker, Chris Roberts, had a LOT of negative things to say on LinkedIn about hoodies and even tried support a revolution in breaking the hooded-hacker stereotype in the weeks preceding our conferences… but I suppose a Cybersecurity Superhero doesn’t want his power source revealed? Nonetheless, he graciously took one of our hoodies and didn’t taze us.


Thank you to everyone who made it out to the conferences; we hope you enjoyed them and your Official Hacker Hoodie!