Annette Warren – President/CEO

I don’t know if you feel like this but, 2017 is flying by! I can’t believe it’s already August and back to school is just around the corner. As time marches on, I always talk about my daughters because I’m so proud of their journeys. The three of them are such unique individuals. Young women with very different focuses and goals. I always wonder how they got there. As they have begun to dig into college and/or their careers, I think about my own successes as a family and as a business owner and I feel lucky at the opportunities that I have had. Since I never had a traditional mentor- my father filled that role and he passed down some remarkably valuable lessons. Lessons in which I’ve passed down to my daughters. Seeing them apply them to their careers, has given me a greater appreciation for my dad as incredible businessman as well. I did find, however, I had many people in my career to push me along and teach me small pieces of an important puzzle that I continuously try to build on. Today, I am ready to pass the baton to whomever is open to listen and learn. I found a quote that is posted above my desk that says:

“If you’re lucky enough to do well it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.”

As a leader in my company and a participant in this industry it is important for us to give back.

The iSECURE team is involved in the PTECH program working with 9th grade students who are interested in technology at Edison Tech High School in Rochester NY. There are four of us that mentor once a month and we also bring in students for an afternoon in the spring and fall to see firsthand how some of our company operates. I’ve always been a hands-on learner, bringing the kids in to see what we do and how we do verses discussing it in a classroom gives them a better idea of what it’s like doing tasks in a career they may want to pursue. We see our students grow and trust us as we spend time talking to them about their future and to open their eyes to the possible opportunities with today’s effort. – Rochester City School District – Pathways in technology Program (P-TECH)

Internships are another opportunity to teach real world experiences. At iSECURE we have had several Interns, many of which we’ve hired. Since these are college students- I have serious conversations with each candidate letting them know we are going to be putting a great deal of our time and if they are not serious about learning and being hands on this is not the internship for them. iSECURE is in the Cyber Security industry and there is a great deal of opportunity for a student in this business, with zero unemployment, there are so many career opportunities. I am passionate about what we do, I enjoy those I work with and appreciate being in the middle of an exciting yet changing industry. I have sat on high school, under graduate and graduate program panels and there is a thirst to connect. I challenge you to hire an intern, donate your time to a local college, high school, or mentorship program.