October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Our partner, KnowBe4, put together an extensive Cybersecurity Awareness Resource Kit for Cybersecurity Awareness Month!!

What's included:

  • Access to free resources for you including our most popular on-demand webinar and whitepaper
  • Resources to help you plan your activities, including your Cybersecurity Awareness Month Guide and Cybersecurity Awareness Weekly Planner
  • Two free training modules for your users; "Your Role: Internet Security and You" and "2021 Social Engineering Red Flags," both available in multiple languages
  • Resources to share with your users including Kevin Mitnick cybersecurity demo videos, infographics, tip sheets, awareness posters, and wallpapers
  • All assets are printable and available digitally, so they can be delivered to your users no matter where they are working from


Keep an eye out for us!

We will be featured on Bridgestreet Channel 9!

As we talk all things cybersecurity for your home and business.

Find out more about this series by visiting Bridge Street's site.


Thank you for Attending!

A special thank you to Tech Data for sponsoring, IBM Security and Mark Neumann for your great Cloud Pak presentation! We appreciate all of those who attended! We hope you found it valuable and fun!

In our Webinar, we discussed the importance of time and how Cloud Pak's single-user interface does the work for you! This environment runs where you want it to run; either on-premises or cloud-based applications.

This unique automation and orchestration is like no other product offered!

If interested in a demo or copy of our presentation, please email: events@isecurenet.net 

Cheers to Cybersecurity!