Reimagining Cybersecurity

iSECURE identifies and provides a custom-tailored solution to improve security hygiene.
Our unbiased approach presents a holistic solution to address your business risk.

Security Consulting

Architecture Review

We meet with your organization’s InfoSec and IT staff to document a high level network design, determine access methods, define typical ways in which IT infrastructure is used, analyze current security controls, and discuss security needs. We then deliver a report including potential weaknesses and recommended solutions with aspects including design, technology, policy, and procedure.

User Awareness Training

Although not necessarily malicious, a lack of end user training regarding acceptable use and unsafe behavior can introduce risk to an organization. Training on a regular basis can help employees avoid behaviors that might lead to data loss or system compromise. We can develop a program that provides targeted and effective training to your employees.

Policy Review & Development

Defining proper policies and procedures is often a first step in achieving security goals. By simply adopting proper practices, an organization can advance the security posture in a cost effective and meaningful way. Risk Assessments will help to further tune your security program by identifying threats to your organization.

SIEM Health Check

To maximize your SIEM investment, we can provide a comprehensive review of your implementation.  Areas we will review are monitored device coverage, data collection methods, processing techniques, reporting, alerting and response.

SIEM Implementation

We address the full scope of your QRadar implementation, from initial consulting and architecture design to a complete ground-up deployment. iSECURE also provides post-implementation services such as tuning, custom log parser development, and ongoing configuration maintenance.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCISO)

As a vCISO, iSECURE provides an objective, proven security expert who will work with your organization to accomplish the requirements of what an in-house CISO would. Our vCISO will work to strengthen and reinforce your information security or information technology team.

Zero Trust Workshops

Zero Trust is not a software you buy, but a concept: TRUST NO ONE.

iSECURE is offering Zero Trust Workshops to gain a better understanding of the concept.

Professional Services

Application Testing

Application tests are performed to test the overall security of an application’s functionality and operation. These tests are performed on the front and back ends to find vulnerabilities within the application.

Attack Simulations

Attack Simulations mimic a cyberattack to identify known and unknown vulnerabilities in your environment. 

Cloud Assessment

An iSECURE cloud assessment tests, evaluates and determines if controls are implemented properly, operating as intended and producing desired outcomes at meeting security requirements and compliance.

Penetration Testing

We provide this as an extension to Vulnerability Assessments; attempts will be made to creatively exploit vulnerabilities within an environment. This is performed to validate the vulnerabilities discovered during automated testing or to discover vulnerabilities that automated testing would miss, such as business logic flaws.

Phishing Campaigns

Phishing is the practice of sending fraudulent emails, texts, voice etc. that mimic the look of being sent from a reputable company or contact. These communications are to encourage an individual to reveal personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers.

Vulnerability Assessment

Using tools and expertise, we assess the IT infrastructure for open services and known vulnerabilities. Using a risk-based approach, we prioritize recommendations such that the most is gained from remediation activities.

Managed Services

Understanding the lifecycle of an IT platform from installation to end-of-life is an important aspect of both IT Operations as well as Information security. Properly installing, maintaining, then planning for the eventual replacement ensures that budget are managed and maximum value is realized from technology investment. Discovering a platform that is or will soon be end of life during a security assessment is almost too late! iSECURE can assist through an entire platform lifecycle to maintain usability and limit surprises.

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Health Check & Tuning

Technology platforms need continuous maintenance. Periodic status checks, configuration refinements, and software updates keep the system running properly.


Properly scoping, planning, and installing a technology within an environment is critical for success. Do it right the first time!

Experienced Engineers Who Understand Security

Reimagining cybersecurity.

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