Application Assessment

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What is an application assessment?

Application tests are performed to test the overall security of an application’s functionality and operation. These tests are performed on the front and back ends to find vulnerabilities within the application.

An application test will include, but is not limited to:



Frontend Testing

Or User Interface Testing

  • Sensitive Data Exposure
  • Broken Authentication
  • Using Components with Known Variables
  • Broken Access Control
  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
Backend Testing

Whether your software is an Internet-facing web portal or an enterprise system management application, security is a critical piece that needs to be considered at each stage of the development lifecycle. Our engineers have the expertise to work with your development teams from a security perspective and test your application using top security testing tools.  This protects your code from exploitation.

Regardless of where in the development cycle you are; we can help through one of the following services:


Early Application Development Security Processes

Web Application Assessments
  • Ensure Secure SDLC Integration
  • Ensure Secure Policy Creation
  • Ensure Threat Modeling
  • Perform Security Code Review
  • Perform Application Penetration Testing
Mobile Applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
Application Program Interfaces (APIs)
Source Code

Companies that identify and remediate software vulnerabilities early and often dramatically decrease their exploitable risk and reduce their development cost. It is essential to find possible vulnerabilities in your applications. Identifying exploits after the fact significantly increases the project costs by dedicating valuable resources to recode the application.



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