Attack Simulations


Experience a cyber-attack in real-time.

Attack Simulations mimic a cyberattack to identify known and unknown vulnerabilities in your environment.

These simulations provide a safe, interactive environment where you can experience the effects of various cybersecurity events such as an assault on your data. These advanced, hands-on cybersecurity experiences will provide insights into attack paths and techniques an attacker could use to breach your network, while also educating you on how to combat these threats.



The Goal of an Attack Simulation

  • If you do not have a cybersecurity plan, this will start the conversation.
  • If you already have a cybersecurity plan in place, it will enhance your program.

For best results, iSECURE invites the following departments to participate: IT, C-Level, Legal, HR, and Marketing. This will ensure all stakeholders understand the potential risks and threats to the business.

Experienced Engineers Who Understand Security

Reimagining cybersecurity.

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