SIEM Health Check


A Unique Blend of QRadar Support

iSECURE provides periodic health checks to review the performance and functionality of your IBM QRadar Deployment. iSECURE helps organizations understand how they can continuously derive value from QRadar and more importantly drive security program maturity.

We provide a specialized health check service to validate your security objectives, evaluate the current QRadar architecture, and develop prioritized recommendations for improvement.

Regardless of whether IBM QRadar has been rolled out in a large or small scale environment, it can be complex to deploy and manage in terms of both technology and processes and potentially leading to the QRadar deployment not meeting business objectives.  To avoid this scenario, periodic health checks are recommended for all customers of IBM QRadar.  Regular health checks can help achieve the following:

  • Increase your productivity with improved operations
  • Ensure compatibility, reliability and connectivity
  • Maintain a highly optimized and top performing environment
  • Identity configuration changes to improve performance or address operational challenges
  • Plan for future growth

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