SIEM Implementation


Real-Time Threat Detection

IBM QRadar Security Intelligence is the Gartner leading Security Information Event Management (SIEM) platform which provides real-time threat detection, incident forensics and configuration and vulnerability management across your entire IT infrastructure.

iSECURE has been a QRadar partner since 2008 and has implemented the product in companies ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to prestigious universities throughout the North East.

We address the full scope of your QRadar implementation, from initial consulting and architecture design to a complete ground-up deployment. iSECURE also provides post-implementation services such as tuning, custom log parser development, and ongoing configuration maintenance.  This ensures a successful QRadar implementation. iSECURE assists in overcoming the challenges which come from dealing with deployment, installations, development and maintenance. We believe you should focus on business value, not the technology that powers it. Let iSECURE, a premiere IBM partner, help your company get the most out of the QRadar SIEM.

iSECURE provides the following services:

  • Deployment Consulting
  • Architectural design
  • Complete Ground-up installation
  • IBM Certified Security Analysts for Support and Questions
  • Data Breach Response Assistance
  • Custom Rules development
  • Custom parser development
  • SIEM Health Check

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