Vulnerability Assessment

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What is a vulnerability assessment?

iSECURE evaluates your applications and systems using class-leading technology to uncover vulnerabilities in your network.

We start by assessing your IT infrastructure to determine whether your applications and systems are exploitable.  A comprehensive vulnerability assessment program provides organizations with the knowledge, awareness, and risk background necessary to understand threats to their environment and react accordingly.

While a third party may already be conducting your security testing, having a third-party, objective perspective is beneficial – not all IT testing is the same. Contrary to what many believe, IT security testing isn’t a commodity service. The real differences exist in the technology employed and, most importantly, the experience of the assessment team. iSECURE's assessments practice is based on decades of front-line experience.

When a vulnerability assessment is conducted, we define, identify, classify, and prioritize vulnerabilities in your network. iSECURE partners with you to minimize these vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on best practices.



These recommendations are generated from the vulnerability assessment and highlight areas in need of improvement. We provide recommendations to remediate threats to your business. 


These vulnerabilities can range anywhere from host and service misconfiguration, or insecure application design. Although the process used to look for possible exploits varies and is highly dependent on the particular component being tested, some fundamental principles apply to the process. 

  • Context-driven Scanning 
  • Infrastructure/Design Weaknesses 
  • Input Validation Attacks 
  • Cross-Site Scripting Attacks 
  • Script Injection Attacks (SQL Injection)
  • CGI Vulnerabilities 
  • Password Cracking 
  • Cookie Theft 
  • User Privilege Elevation 
  • Web/Application Server Insecurity 
  • Security of Plug-In Code 
  • 3rd Party Software Vulnerabilities 
  • Database Vulnerabilities 
  • Privacy Exposures 

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