Application Security

Companies that identify and remediate application vulnerabilities early can dramatically decrease their risk and reduce development costs by correcting the vulnerabilities before deployment.

Core Security

Core Security provides clients a way to stay ahead of data breach threats through proactive security assessments and penetration testing services. Core Security helps view your IT security from an attacker's viewpoint, leveraging real-world techniques to not only identify exposures, but also assess their implications on the business. 


Rapid 7

Rapid7's Nexpose is vulnerability management software that allows for continuous scanning and remediation of any network. By looking for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and malware on all platforms (Linux, Microsoft, Mac, Virtual Environments, DBs, web applications, and network devices) you are provided with a comprehensive view of your IT systems risk. Using multiple vulnerability databases, you can be assured that if there is anything associated with your systems you will know.