Network Security

iSECURE can assist in securing everything from the perimeter to the desktop; from mobile to the cloud. Your environment is significantly more complex than it was a few years ago and threats are only increasing. We can help you show you the most current technology, understand which improvements are right for your network, and help you separate real threats from the noise. 


Array Networks improves application availability, performance and security – optimizing traffic from any cloud or data center to any user. Whether you need to optimize and gain control over enterprise applications, securely scale cloud services or implement applications and services within a next-generation cloud based framework, Array Networks has you covered. 


IBM QRadar

Every day you face the daunting task of detecting the threats hiding in networks and investigating faults which might be linked to any number of interconnected systems. Manually correlating log files and netflow data from servers, routers, firewalls, and IDS systems is not a scalable solution. The demands on manpower combined with a lack of comprehensive insight can lead to the collapse of an IT infrastructure. IBM QRadar can help by providing centralized logging, normalization, correlation, and alerting.



A FortiGate NGFW, an NSS Labs quadrant leader for unified threat management, delivers better security effectiveness and more control, as well as 5x faster throughput performance than other NGFWs in the market. Fortinet also offers an NSS Labs Recommended Next Generation IPS (NGIPS), augmenting your existing firewall with an industry-leading IPS. Additional features include VPN, anti-malware, intrusion prevention, application control, Web filtering, anti-spam, DLP, and WAN acceleration.


Procera Networks provides Traffic Shaping and Quality of Service. Identify, Prioritize, and Optimize traffic flowing through your network. Granularly control bandwidth allocation based on User, Host, or Application. 


FireEye provides a best in class anti-malware solution covering Network Perimeters, Email, and Hosts. Run executables in a sandbox to analyze activity and flag zero-day malware. Detect Bot command-and-control channels operating within your network. 


ForeScout Technologies provides Network Access Control (NAC) capabilities based on host profile, host behavior, and user authentication. Enforces policy via firewall and switch manipulation. This technique innovative is easier to use and more complete than 802.1x based systems. 


The Solera platform, now owned by BlueCoat, delivers full packet capture, analysis, and archiving for an enterprise network. With their acquisition by Blue Coat Networks and integration with the Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection platform, Solera Networks technology has evolved into a rich and comprehensive Security Analysis Platform. 

Recorded Future

Recorded Future is a machine-intelligence based Threat Analysis tool.  In addition to providing the Analyst with a customizable dashboard for research there is also an alerting engine which can be tied to mentions of vulnerabilities and other details specific to your organization.  Recorded Future tracks potential exploits, campaigns, and targets as they are developed which gives organizations insight into imminent attacks before they are deployed.


Solutions from Imperva provide security for Web-Based Applications in on-premises and cloud based deployments. Imperva is also available for deployments between Application Servers and Databases. Imperva works by characterizing normal/abnormal behavior as well as identifying known-exploit activity.