The Life Cycle of a Firewall

Stages 1 – 4


The idea of firewalls hasn’t been revolutionary since the 90’s. With that said, they improve overall security posture by providing full visibility into users, devices, applications, and threats on the network. Next Generation Firewalls also have the ability to apply advanced threat protection anywhere in your network.

Scoping Call
During the scoping call portion of a firewall engagement; our experienced engineers gather information such as- the number of users/devices that are in the environment and the amount of expected data throughput. The engineers would also help uncover the number of policies needed to optimize the various connections and network infrastructure. All of this information helps us to “right-size” the solution to meet your needs.

Cyber Threat Assessments Program (CTAP)
This tool is often referred to as the ‘Fly on the Wall’. The Cyber Threat Assessment provides you with in-depth information about the current state of your network; covering key areas of security threats, productivity, and performance. Our engineers place a device on your network that only acts as a passive observer. The device will Sniff for a few days and will provide a detailed report on its findings of potential issues in your network.

Whiteboarding Session 
Our team will evaluate the findings of the CTAP report with you and discuss how you can best utilize the information to optimize your network.

Once the correct device is determined for your unique environment, the next step is to start setting it up.

The iSECURE engineer starts by getting the hardware online and registering with the appropriate licenses and subscriptions. We then start configuring the device. During this stage of the process, It’s best to have a security expert configure the hardware to fortify your network as much as possible. We have the experience and knowledge of how to optimize configuration for your organization’s particular needs.

Our engineering team would then create policies to pass (or not pass) traffic from one port, zone, or virtual local area network to another. Once the policy gets created, the engineer will have the ability to add security profiles such as; AntiVirus, Web and (Domain Name System) DNS filtering, and Application Control – which can be configured per firewall policy. Those Security Profiles can be edited to suit your organization’s needs.

Many have taken advantage of our “Firewall Jumpstart” service. This 1-to-3-day service, depending on your deployment size, is designed to optimize every element of your first line of defense against malicious attackers.

Managed Services
iSECURE is here to assist you throughout the entire lifecycle of your firewall. Because there’s a shortage of qualified IT talent, we’ve designed our services as the resources you’ll need to maintain and optimize the device. We help edit and prune your policies, objects, and user accounts. We can also assist in helping you create policies based on your organization’s requirements. We can assist with the backup or restoration of the device’s configuration.

We also have the ability to monitor your firewall’s functionality. With our 24/7 monitoring, we keep you ‘in the know’ about the health of your device. We’ll alert you to any incidents that need attention or we can take appropriate action on your behalf.

Our managed service offering helps support your company’s growth as well. As your network expands, our engineers can fine-tune the device based on your specific needs and requirements.

Health Check
iSECURE is here to assist you throughout the entire lifecycle of your firewall. Were you to decide to forego the managed service step in the life cycle, we’d like you to know that we’re still here for you. After the deployment of the firewall is complete, we’d set up a time to check the functionality of the device, based on a time frame that works best for you. Which would bring you back to the architecture stage of the cycle.

Our loyalty and commitment to making sure that your environment is as protected as possible; is at the forefront of everything we do. Our experience with the implementation and management of NextGen firewall solutions makes us a valuable resource for your team in the process.