JoJo Luna – Client Account Representative

During Cybersecurity awareness month, my team at iSECURE decided to go digital and highlight 5 of the many reasons why to choose iSECURE?  As the newest member of the iSECURE family, the answer was simple – passion for great service.  Since 2014 cyber security has been such a hot buzz topic- from the Target and Home Depot Breaches to the DNC hacking scandal- it appears everyone is talking security.  iSECURE was talking security YEARS before the media caught up and our team’s passion is focused on our goal to be our client’s security experts navigating through the constantly changing threats.  This passion and authenticity in service brought me to such a team and I am honored to highlight the 5 reasons why YOU should partner with us.


#5:  We’re certified!

Each of our engineers specializes in security and are certified -from CISSP, ECSA, Metasploit Pro.  Additionally, our engineers test, vet, and certify in all products before putting them on our line card.  Our commitment to the industry is that we offer value add services and products so if we don’t believe in the product- we will not stand behind it.


#4: Experience!

As stated our team has been ‘doing’ security for over 10 years.  Our team includes white hat hackers, network engineers with extensive experience in SIEMs and NGFWs, and U.S DOD Security Clearance level experts.  This experience is essential in differentiating us from other security experts only now entering the field.


#3: Educational Events

Our calendar is always packed with upcoming events, conferences, and informational webinars.  Our clients have had the privilege of hearing some of the world’s most renowned white hat hackers speak at our conferences and executive events.  Also, we make it a point to host webinar series yearly to stay in front of our customers with new changes in the security world.  We learn best from one another and there is no better way to stay informed than to information share!  So, next time you see an invitation to one of our events- make sure to join us!


#2: Customer Focused

As the Client Account Representative on the team being customer focused is near and dear to me.  You may have the best product and team in the world but if your people do not focus on the customer first – then you are left with very little to offer.  People often comment how quickly I respond to emails, phone calls, and texts – and I always say that the biggest turn off as a customer is when I wait days for a response or when my time doesn’t seem valued.  As such – I always ensure my customers get a response- even if it’s a “I’ll get back to you on that question,” if I do not know the answer.


#1: Good people

Being the newest team member (6months in) I can attest to the fact that our team is a diverse bunch!  Each of us brings a different perspective and personality to the team and we are encouraged to celebrate and embrace our different ways of thinking to perpetuate a robust and eclectic knowledge pool.

Each personality trait is a piece in the iSECURE puzzle- from our marketing team’s creativity to our engineering team’s ingenuity.  Our work culture reflects on our customers as we are constantly thinking outside of the box to tailor our solutions to each individual organization.   We love what we do and how we do it!


If you still haven’t seen the Why iSECURE videos, watch the series on our YouTube page!